Military pay scales can vary widely depending on the service you are in.

These scales are used to determine the salaries of your military personnel.

The US Army pays an average of $56,000 per year for the average full-time soldier, while the Canadian Armed Forces pay $53,000.

The Canadian Armed forces pay the average civilian $37,000 and the average military salary $50,000, according to Military Pay Scale 2017, which was published on September 25, 2017.

The US Department of Defense pays $47,000 for a civilian employee, while an average civilian military pays $42,000 according to the Defense Pay Scale 2018, which is released on November 15, 2018.

Here are the basic pay scales of the military in the US, Canadian, Australian and Australian Defence Forces:The Australian Defence Force has a pay scale that ranges from $46,000 to $68,000 a year.

The average pay is $54,000 in Australia.

The average pay for the Canadian Forces is $53 in 2017.

The Canadian Armed Force pays $50 per week, and the Australian Defence force pays $55 per week.

The pay is higher for soldiers serving on active duty, as they receive a base pay of $54 per week and are paid in full-year base pay.

The pay for members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police ranges from the same range of $52,000 as the average US civilian salary to $74,000 annually.

The base pay is based on the average base salary for the service as it is a part of the defence budget.

The basic pay scale in Australia is $40,000 with the Australian Armed Forces average pay of £34,000 ($45,000) and the Canadian armed forces base pay for soldiers is $55,000 (€57,000).

The US Air Force base pay in 2017 is $46 per week with the average pay at $43,000($48,000), according to, an online database of pay information.

The Australian and Canadian Armed Services base pay ranges from base pay at the Australian Government’s $48 per week to the base pay range of the Canadian military at $59 per week for the same job, according the Defence Compensation Authority of Australia (DCAA).

The pay for Australian troops is higher than that of the US troops, but less than the US government’s pay scale, which pays the average wage of $47 per week (USD$51 per week) for the military at the federal level.

Here’s the base and base pay pay for civilian employees of the United States military:The average salary for civilian workers at the United Kingdom’s Defence Department is $57,200 (US$64,000)/month.

The military pay rate in the United Nations is $70 per month for a full-service soldier (including those in the Reserve and Overseas Forces), with an average pay range ranging from $50-70/month depending on rank, pay status and the service.

The military pay is generally based on base pay and the base salary is calculated based on your pay grade.

The United States government pays the United Nation’s top civilian job holders $55.83 per hour (US $70/hour) with an annual average pay in the range of US$75,000-$110,000/year, according Military Pay Service.

The top civilian salary in the U.S. is currently $78,000 or $112,000 USD/year.

Here is the average salary of the top military positions in the world:Here is how the US military pays its soldiers, civilian and military employees.

The following chart shows how much military pay an average employee of the U,S.

Army, United States Marine Corps, United Kingdom Army and the United Arab Emirates pays annually based on their rank and position.

The most common pay scale ranges are from $52.00-$58.00 per week in the top jobs in the UK military and $55-65/week in the Canadian Army, according

The U.K. Defence Force pays an annual base salary of £27,800 ($42,400) per year.

The British Army pay the highest base salary ($64,300) at £56,200 ($66,600).

The base salary range for the United State is $65,400 ($73,400), according the US Department at its salary scale for civilian service.

The lowest base pay paid by the U S. Army is $28,200 per year ($38,400).

The U S Army pays the lowest base salary at $34,800 per year (about US$35,100) and a civilian salary of $37 and a military salary of around $55 (around US$57,100).

The Canadian Army pay base salary ranges from £43,500 ($55