Windstream Bill Pay will be paying for bills for customers who have lost their payouts, the company said Thursday.

“Windstream Bill is offering customers who are eligible to receive their Windstream bills and payments through our Bill Pay program the opportunity to pay back their Windstock balances and receive an immediate boost of payouts,” the company wrote in a statement.

“As of February 7, we will be providing additional support to customers eligible for this program, including offering refunds for Windstock, which were previously refunded on or before January 1.”

Customers who lost payouts will be refunded at the end of February, the statement said.

It said the company also wants to offer an additional opportunity for customers to get a refund on their Windstocks, if they have outstanding Windstock payments.

Customers who receive a boost in payouts after the windstock is credited to their bill will be entitled to receive a rebate of the balance back on their bill.

Customers can get a free, one-time rebate of up to $25 to cover any eligible expenses, such as an energy bill, an electric bill, or gas bill.

“We appreciate all of our customers who continue to contribute to the windstream program.

As a result of their hard work and dedication, we are pleased to offer these customers the opportunity for a $25 rebate,” the statement reads.

“Please note that we are not currently offering this rebate to customers who received a windstock on or after January 1.

The Windstream program will continue to operate until January 31, 2019.”

The program allows customers to pay bills for up to six months at a time without being billed.

Customers may apply for a rebate on their bills.

The company also offered refunds for bills that have already been paid.

The refund is non-refundable and will be sent to the account holder, according to the company.

It also said it is in the process of collecting all outstanding Windstocks.

The federal government will pay for Windstream’s costs for the payouts.

“Customers will also be able to request that their Windward windstock be removed from their account to help us pay off any outstanding Windstack balances,” the notice said.

“The Federal Government will reimburse customers for the costs associated with this program.”

The announcement came less than two weeks after the federal government said it will cover the costs of the payout to customers.

It will be made available at no cost to those who have already paid the bill.