Pay-for-play app Pay for Play has received a fresh redesign to make it easier to use.

The app is now fully compatible with Apple Pay, and the app now has a new name and new icon.

The app has also received a new icon and brand name, according to a post on the app’s official Twitter account.

Pay for play has also been renamed Pay for Work, according the post.

The new logo and name also appear on the front of the app.

Pay for Play, which was created by Paypal, has become the go-to for small businesses that need a way to accept payments without relying on the traditional banking system.

The company says the app can accept as much as $1,000 worth of payment, including Apple Pay and other major credit and debit cards.

The updated Pay for work app features a new design and a new logo.

The new Pay for works app also allows users to pay for work, entertainment, school, groceries and more with the Apple Pay logo.