The following is an updated version of an article originally published on February 16, 2018.

Google pay card is getting a major makeover.

For the first time, the payment gateway company is rolling out a Google Pay Card for businesses that accept Google Pay, and for the first 100,000 people who use Google Pay Cards, they will receive an invitation to participate in the rollout.

The announcement comes at a time when Google Pay is struggling to gain traction, and the company is now looking to bring it back to life for more people.

Google said Monday it is testing a “limited number” of Google Pay cards in California, New York, Illinois, Michigan and Texas.

The company also announced Monday that it is working with the National Association of Realtors to create an online platform that allows consumers to compare mortgages and make payments.

The platform will allow consumers to make loans and pay monthly bills through a mobile application.

Google Pay has been a contentious issue in the past because the company has been accused of charging interest rates higher than other major credit cards, and consumers have complained about high interest rates.

Google said it plans to roll out more Google Pay services in the coming months.

For example, it is developing a smartphone app that will allow people to pay their rent with Google Pay.