Chase Pay: PayPal pays employees, customers to help support mountain biking group

Chase Pay, the payment processing firm that has partnered with Mountain Biking International to offer paypal payments to employees at its Mountain Bike World headquarters in Portland, Oregon, has now become a paypal payee at the company’s headquarters in Boulder, Colorado.

Mountain Biking, an outdoor recreation group that works with bike clubs and other local organizations, has become a regular customer of Chase Pay’s Paypal payment system, according to an article from Wired.

The Mountain Bike International payment system was created by Chase Pay to support the payment of equipment rentals and other equipment that customers needed to take to mountain biking events, such as the Pikes Peak Mountain Bike Classic in Colorado.

In April, Chase Pay and Mountain Bikes purchased a $3.3 million share in the company.

“I can say that we’re very happy to be a payer of Chase’s PayPal,” said Jay Pay, executive director of Mountain Bikers, according the Wired article.

“It’s a great partnership for us to support mountain bike events and other outdoor activities.”

According to the article, Chase pays the payments to Mountain Bicycles employees who are assigned to its mountain biking teams at the Mountain Bike World headquarters, and pays the employees to help with payments to their own organizations., a motorcycle group that serves mountain bike enthusiasts, says that it will be working with Chase Pay on the payment system and that it’s working to find a way to make payments for members of the Mountain Bike Network, which is affiliated with Mountain Bike.

“I am looking forward to helping Chase and the MountainBike team with their efforts to make paypal more accessible for our members and members of their teams,” said Matt O’Brien, CEO of MotoCycle, in a press release.

According to a Mountain Biker website, the group operates out of two mountain bike locations, one in Boulder and one in Portland.

The group is a member of the mountain biking association called The Mountain Biz, and the organization is part of Mountain Bike Worldwide, which provides training and coaching for mountain bikers.