— Nissan has paid a $8.3 million medical bill for a man who died in an accident while riding a bike in Tennessee, the company announced Thursday.

The accident occurred in the town of Wagoner in October 2015.

The driver was not wearing a helmet and suffered minor injuries.

The family has requested that the family pay $6.7 million to cover the medical costs, which were incurred by a different accident.

Nissan says that is $2 million less than what the family had requested.

Nissan will pay for the medical bills for the family through a credit card issued by a medical insurance provider, the Nissan spokeswoman said in a statement.

The company said that while the medical bill was the “largest medical expense” to Nissan in its history, the incident “was not in and of itself a medical emergency.”

Nissan had said that it would pay the family’s medical bills through a combination of credit card and payroll taxes, which are paid through payroll deductions and payroll tax refunds.

Nissan said that the medical insurance company had paid the family $2.6 million, and the family was still waiting on payments from the medical provider, which is a tax-exempt nonprofit corporation.