Cricket quick pays will soon be available in South Africa, after a deal was struck between Cricket and the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development (DITR).

The deal was announced on Wednesday, the day after the end of the ICC World Twenty20 and comes at a time when the game is experiencing some of its worst-ever attendance problems.

While the new pay model was a major development, it was also a step back for the game.

The new payment system has already been in place for about a month, but many South Africans had hoped it would be rolled out by the end, in time for the first Test between England and South Africa.

However, the announcement that the system will be implemented for the second Test in Durban on November 7 has thrown a wrench in the works.

This is a big blow to the game and the government, which had hoped that it would allow for quicker pay for players and teams alike.

Cricket and DITR are now in talks to come up with a new pay system that will allow for more frequent payments, which will also benefit the country’s economy and tourism.

Cricket’s chief executive, David Warner, said: “As we all know, the game has had its fair share of difficulties in recent times.

The payment system will provide fast cash payments to players and team members for the duration of the tournament. “

We are also pleased that the Department has been supportive of the move to implement a quicker payment system for the South African cricket team, as we see the move as an important step forward towards a more sustainable game in the future.”

The payment system will provide fast cash payments to players and team members for the duration of the tournament.

A player will only need to pay the difference between the ICC standard rate of about $1.50 per minute and the new fast-cash rate of around $1 per minute, and they will also receive a percentage of the money that is paid out.

“The fast-pay model has been in the planning stages for some time, and has been discussed in detail by both parties,” Warner said.

“It is important to recognise that this will have an impact on the revenue generated from the game for the country, but will also bring a significant benefit to the players, as they will receive a quick pay that is significantly lower than what they would normally receive.”

The deal with DITD will see South Africa’s top domestic players receive around $400,000 in fast-money payments each.

However there will be some significant differences in terms of who will receive the cash.

“Cricket is a sport that is played for the fans and we want to make sure that every player gets the best possible reward for his or her contribution to the sport,” Warner added.

“While we recognise that some players may have other goals that will have to be met, we want every player to be rewarded for their contribution.”

Warner said that the move had been a major achievement for the government and the game, and was something the team would be proud of.

“This is something that South Africans are proud of,” Warner told ESPNcricinfo.

“I am extremely happy that Cricket has been granted the ability to implement fast-payment to its players for the upcoming two Tests in Durham, and we are pleased that we have a strong and consistent partnership with DIRT in the development of the game.”

The move comes as the country gears up for the World Cup, with South Africa facing England in Johannesburg next month and a third Test against New Zealand in Port Elizabeth on November 17.

It is also a time for South Africa to welcome back a World Cup representative team.

Warner has previously said that it was a “dream come true” for South Africans to finally play in the tournament, and said that his team had “the confidence to get out there and win it.”

“The players and staff will get the support and support of the South Africans for their efforts, and this is a huge win for our game,” Warner also said.