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Apple Pay is a new payment option offered by Apple that lets you pay for products, services and other items from your iPhone or iPad using your Apple Watch.

You can use your Apple Pay app to pay for purchases, pay for your bills, pay with a credit or debit card, and pay for a range of other purchases, such as a TV, an iPhone, or an iPad.

Apple has also expanded Apple Pay’s capabilities to Apple Pay apps, which include the Apple Pay App for Android and Apple Pay for iOS, which lets you tap into your Apple payment app and pay with your phone.

The Apple Pay feature is available on the iPhone and iPad with a 3.5mm jack, 4.7mm jack or Lightning connector.

The iPhone and Apple Watch apps are also available on iPhone and iPod touch devices.

Apple says you’ll be able to pay using the iPhone or Apple Watch app on your Android or iOS device, or through a card reader on a PC or Mac.

Apple also released the iOS app that will let you pay with Apple Pay, as well as the iPhone app for Android, iOS and macOS.

Both of these apps can accept credit and debit cards and work with a range the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S and iPhone SE, and the iPhone SE Plus, but not the iPad.

The app can also accept Apple Pay with PayPal.

The iPhone app, which is free, will let users pay using Apple Pay and earn Apple Pay points.

Apple Pay earns points for every $1 spent, while the iPhone will earn points for the amount you spend.

The iOS app will earn 1 point per $1 you spend and 5 points per $2 you spend for a total of 10 points per transaction.

Apple notes that users can choose to have the Apple Watch and iPhone pay with the same card.

However, Apple says it will only accept the Apple Wallet or Apple Pay from compatible devices.

If you already have an Apple Pay or Apple Wallet on your device, you’ll only need to change the payment method to Apple Wallet to use Apple Pay.

Apple recommends changing your Apple ID password on all of your devices to change your Apple password.