Paying your bills online and paying your bills on your phone aren’t mutually exclusive, according to a new report.

Payments giant PayPal said Wednesday it will start accepting payments online by the end of next month, bringing a major step toward making payments as simple as texting or phone calls.

PayPal CEO Brad Smith announced the change at a conference hosted by the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

PayPal’s announcement came a week after Google Inc. began accepting payments by credit card, in the form of a one-time fee of $0.05 per transaction.

The company’s first payment by credit-card took place this month.

Payment companies are scrambling to respond to an unprecedented wave of consumer demand.

Companies like PayPal, which already have a large presence in payments, are taking a bigger role in making payments simple and convenient.

The U.S. consumer finance watchdog, the Federal Trade Commission, said last month that payment companies need to do more to make their online and phone payment options easy to use.

Paypal CEO Brad Brown told the Wall Street Journal the company will begin accepting payments in December.

Payments from banks will be accepted through the end the year, he said.

Payday lenders and other online payment companies will be able to accept payments from customers, which are now required by law to have a bank account, by default.

Paycheck is an online payments app that lets customers pay for items such as food, gas, groceries, cable television, rent, and other bills.

It also lets consumers get paid in cash or by check.

Paychecks are made available for free, and customers can use the app to make payments.

PayPoint said it will begin rolling out payments by the beginning of the month.

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