Google is changing the way it calculates pay scales in the U.S. The online search giant says it is raising the minimum salary to $50,000, from $40,000.

The increase will apply to employees in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. Google also says it will allow for a raise for the top 25 percent of employees.

Google’s Pay scale is based on a calculation of what people actually make per hour, but the company says it can be useful for people who want to get a better idea of how much their salary will grow.

The company’s Pay Scale includes a variable for bonuses, stock awards, and other bonuses, and the pay scale is adjusted annually based on consumer spending.

PayScale, which provides a service that helps people find, pay, and find jobs, said in a blog post that the increase is a major one and that it will apply across the U, as well as the U-southeastern region, including Kentucky, Tennessee, and Florida.

Google said it will be adjusting the salary from 2018 to 2019.

The minimum salary is set by law in a few states, including California, and employers in many other states.

Google is raising pay to $47,000 for the first time, and Google said that it plans to make this increase applicable to its entire U.N. staff and its workforce in the European Union.

The minimum salary will increase to $58,000 by 2022.

The company said it has been offering a new “pay scale” that it says will help people find jobs that are most relevant to their skill set.

This new PayScale will include more advanced metrics to help employers assess the impact of increased salaries, it said.

The new Pay Scale also includes an incentive for employees to be more proactive about finding jobs that align with their skill sets.

Google will reward employees who work more frequently than they would otherwise, and those who take on more seniority responsibilities, Google said.

Google is also rolling out a new set of job metrics for people in the company’s global human resources team.

These metrics will be more personalized and can be tailored to individual employees, it added.

Google will also be adding a new salary scale for Google+ users, which is part of the broader rollout of a pay scale that will make it easier for people to compare their salary to other employees.

The pay scale update comes as Google grapples with rising salaries in a number of industries.

Google Chief Executive Sundar Pichai is also making changes to Google+ in an effort to attract new employees.

Pichai has said in the past that the pay increase for employees at Google will be phased in over a period of several years, with the salary going up in stages.

The pay scale changes announced Tuesday were the first step toward that, Google announced.

Paying more raises is a common trend among companies as they look to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of their operations.

But a recent study found that in most companies, a small number of people are getting paid more than others because they have more senior roles in the organization.

Google+ also has raised salaries for its senior leaders.

In 2018, its top paid employee was a Google engineer, while the median was $52,000 per year.