It is a question you will hear a lot in the military, but it is not always a question the military answers.

Military pay and allowances vary by branch of service and you can get your answer from the pay department.

If you are a soldier, you will likely be entitled to a percentage of your pay that is based on your rank, the military said.

If your pay falls below a certain percentage, you might be entitled only to the portion that exceeds it.

There are different ways to calculate your pay, depending on the rank of the soldier.

The pay department says you can choose the appropriate pay rate based on the base pay, the length of service of the member, the rank, and other factors.

Some soldiers have more flexibility than others.

For example, some soldiers can get pay based on their time in the combat zone, according to the pay and allowance department.

There is a range of pay rates, and it depends on the branch of duty, the amount of time spent on active duty, and the length and duration of service.

The military pays members in the United States based on how long they have served in the armed forces.

The Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard all pay based only on the amount they are able to work.

But the Department of Defense, which oversees the military pay system, says all pay rates are based on a “determined service element.”

The service element is defined as “a particular military service, or activity.”

If a soldier is serving in a unit that includes an officer or enlisted man, he or she is considered an officer in that unit, the pay rate for that member is based upon the pay grade for that position, according the pay pay department’s website.

If a member of the armed services is deployed to a location outside of the United Nations Command area of responsibility, or is stationed at a location other than a U.S. military installation, his or her pay rate is based solely on the pay of his or she rank and position.

Military Pay Rates Army pay rates Military pay rates for the military are based solely upon the amount that a member can work.

The average pay rate in the U.