Donegal man Derek Doordash has told his son to pay for his car because he “isn’t the boss”.

Mr Doordashes son is driving a black car with tinted windows and the owner of the car does not want him to use it.

In the video, the driver who has been identified as Michael O’Leary, is heard asking Mr Doordashed to buy a car.

He also tells him he is going to pay Mr Doords son for the car because they have a problem with him.

Mr Doords wife, Rhiannon, also asks him to pay her son and says that she is “not the boss” of her son.

Mr O’Leays son then responds: “Don’t you have the right to say no?”

Mr Dooords son asks: “No I don’t have the car to buy.

I have to pay my own way.”

In the end, Mr Dooordash says he has been hit and the video ends.

In a statement to the Irish Independent, Mr O’Reilly said: “My wife is a teacher and she knows me better than anyone else.

She has seen the footage of the video on Youtube and has seen that I was the one who hit my son.”

She is disappointed in me for hitting him.

I am not the boss and she has always said that I have been.

I apologise for any hurt she may have caused to me or to anyone else.

“Mr OReilly also said that his son is now learning to drive and he will now pay his own way.