Top Payed Jobs in the United States, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, are the following: – Office and administrative support worker, including sales, administrative, clerical, technical and professional services-Sales and related support staff-Computer and software engineers-Information systems and related professionals-Medical diagnosticians and laboratory technicians-Medical technologists-Construction and material scientists-Teachers, counselors, social workers, and counselors-Public health professionals-Health and human services specialists-Educational counselors-Information technology technicians-Financial advisors-Accountants and financial planners-Legal advisors-Lawyers and legal assistants-Law faculty-Teaching assistants-Accountant, financial planner and audit assistant-Computer systems, networking and technology support technicians-Computer, network, software and related software and peripherals engineers-Computer hardware and software developers-Computer software and network equipment specialists-Computer programming and information systems analysts-Computer networking, system and software engineering and support technicians