A new bill payment service for allstate customers is set to launch, the company has announced.

The payment company will offer a ‘pay now’ option for a fixed fee of £1.35 per hour or £0.15 per hour if you make payments at the same time.

Allstate says that the ‘pay by phone’ option will be available in the UK from July 1. 

The ‘pay to receive’ option, however, will only be available on payphones and mobile phones, while ‘pay and collect’ will only work for phones and laptops. 

‘Allstate pays your bill on a rolling basis, no matter how much you have, no one else can get you your bill.’

All-state pay will be the world’s first, in-person, bill payment system to allow people to pay their bills at their convenience, wherever they are,’ Allstate said in a statement. 

“With this new feature, customers will have more choice, faster, and more secure access to their bills and be able to pay for their essential expenses at home or at the office, wherever the customer chooses.”‘

AllinPay’ has been introduced to help people pay for essentials, but has been controversial for its handling of non-essential expenses.

The company’s website says that ‘Allin Pay is not a payment service and does not pay for or facilitate the purchase of any goods or services.

The service is designed to make bills as easy and painless as possible for the customer, who is entitled to be paid by their credit card for non-cash services that they do not want to pay.’

The service, which has been designed for people who have ‘a low-interest credit card or a debit card’ to make payment, will be offered across the UK. 

Allin is being developed by Allstate UK, which was acquired by HSBC in 2016.’

We have been working closely with AllinPay to develop the service and deliver it to our customers,’ a spokesperson for Allstate added.’

The service is a simple and easy way to pay your bills, but we are also confident it will be a welcome addition to our customer base.’ 

Allstate bills are set to rise in 2019, with the new service set to start on July 1, 2019.