In this year’s TV list, the best and worst TV shows have been ranked by the people who have watched them most.

In the following categories: TV Shows: Best Shows for the Fans TV Shows That Are Just Right for the Crowd TV Shows that Have No New Shows and Have Been Done Before TV Shows You May Actually Want to Watch TV Shows With More Potential for Dramatic Appeal TV Shows with an Ending That’s Not in a Trailer (If It’s Not Played Out in a Movie) TV Shows you Want to Get Away From TV Shows on Netflix and Hulu TV Shows for Kids and Adults TV Shows Worth Watching TV Shows Like “Lost” and “American Idol” TV Shows For Kids and Teens That Are Better for Older People TV Shows to Watch With Your Parents or Your Friends TV Shows and Movies that Are Best for Older Adults TV Series that Have Been Made for Younger Adults TV Show that Could Be a Movie TV Shows To Watch With Kids TV Shows From the ’90s or ’00s that Could Also Be a TV Show TV Shows About the Kardashians TV Shows We Can All Watch TV shows for free on Hulu and Netflix.