What is it like for a VA worker to go to bed?

And what is it going to be like for someone who isn’t a VA employee?

This is the question that has been asked by many, many veterans, and their questions are coming to the attention of the Government as the VA prepares to announce how much it will be paying to workers on its payroll.

The Government says it is taking the decision to adjust its pay scale to reflect the size of the agency.

The pay is expected to be the same as it is today.

However, it’s not clear exactly how much the scale will be.

The VA has not revealed the figure yet.

It is estimated that around 20,000 veterans will be affected by the change, which is due to the number of people who are receiving disability payments.

The question now is how the VA will be able to calculate that figure, and if the scale is going to change at all.

As well as the pay, veterans will also be affected, with their disability payments, and those who have been out of work for two years.

This means that veterans will have to start paying their VA disability pay, even if they are still receiving their pay at home.

The new pay will not be affected if a veteran receives a letter from their home province that says they are eligible for VA pay.

The figure will be adjusted to reflect that, and it will not change if a soldier who has been away for two or more years has his or her pay adjusted.

In other words, those who are eligible will still be able pay their VA payments.

But veterans who have not yet received letters will not.

If the scale does change, those affected will still have to wait until their pay is adjusted.

And if they have not been eligible for a letter, they will have no way of knowing whether they are in arrears.

The Veterans Affairs Minister Michael McGrath said the department is not yet certain what the pay scale will look like.

He said the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is still assessing the impact of the pay change and has not yet made a final decision on the scale.

He told the Dáil that it was important to make sure that the change will not impact any other VA employees.

The Minister said that the Department will “take a very measured approach” in assessing the changes and that “there will be no change to the basic pay of VA employees.”

He added that VA is working to ensure that the VA is in a position to respond to the changes.

He stressed that VA has a number of employees on disability and that those who do not receive their pay are able to continue working.

However the Minister said it was essential that veterans have their pay adjustments “comprehensively”.

“We must ensure that this will not have a disproportionate impact on the vulnerable, and we have already worked with the Department to ensure this will be done,” he said.

The announcement is expected in the coming days.