Direct pay stubs for military retirees, spouses and dependents, including spouses, dependents and children, are due in 30 days after your military service ends.

You will be charged a direct pay stub when you submit your pay stub.

You must use this form to make the payment.

There are also other payment methods available, such as pay stub check, payment card or debit card.

Direct pay stub requirements The military pays the difference between direct pay and the amount you have earned.

You do not have to use a direct payment method.

The military will not pay your direct pay, but they will provide you with the amount to pay you.

The direct pay will be paid to you in full when the direct pay is received.

The amount of the direct payment is determined by the difference of the amount of your direct and indirect pay.

You are responsible for making a payment for the direct payments when they are due.

The Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps pay your indirect pay, and the Marine Corps pays your direct direct pay.

If you receive more than the direct amount, the Army, Navy, Air or Marine Corps will send you the difference.

You cannot cancel direct pay or defer your direct payment.

If your pay is not paid within 10 days of you receiving it, you must contact your pay manager or the pay center.

Direct payment rules and deadlinesPayment forms are available from the military and civilian pay centers.

You can use this link to find your pay facility.

Direct pay is due on the day of your military enlistment.

You may not use a credit card to pay direct pay until you have received the direct payroll.

Pay stubs must be submitted to the pay manager within 30 days of your service.

Pay will be deposited into your military account.

You should not use an online pay manager to pay.

Direct Pay can only be used for military personnel who are retired and eligible for retirement pay.

Direct Pay will also be available to employees of the Armed Forces and civilians who are eligible for military retirement pay for active duty and who have received direct pay during the last 60 days of service.

You don’t have to pay for military members who have already retired.

Military members must have their direct pay paid to them at the time they apply for military pay.

For more information, contact the military directly at 1-800-424-6781 or call 1-877-366-9797.

Direct payroll and credit card instructionsDirect pay is mailed to the address on the pay stub or to a military pay facility, as appropriate, within 10 working days of the pay date.

Direct payroll must be sent by the following methods: Direct Pay mailed to a Military Pay Facility, Direct Pay to a Pay Card, or Direct Pay by Mail.

Direct mail to the Military Pay Site is a standard form of direct payroll and must be accompanied by the Payee Name and Address.

Payment card instructionsFor payers in the United States, there are several ways to pay:Direct payroll is the method of paying by credit card.

For example, you may use your credit card or a military check.

Direct mail to Military Pay Services, Mail Order, or USPS is the same as Direct Pay, but it can be used to pay by mail or over the phone.

You pay the fee to pay a credit to your Payee.

Pay for military and nonmilitary pay using a check or money order may be charged to your military Payee account.

Pay with cash is the most common method of payment.

Military payers can use cash or a money order for military direct payroll payments, but a check is required.

For information on military direct payments, see Pay with a Check.

Direct payments can be made online or by mail.

The Payee name and address must be provided on the Payments section of the Military Payment Site.

Military Payers may not send or collect military direct pay to nonmilitary personnel.

Military Direct PaymentsDirect payroll must contain the following information:Your Payee’s Name and addressMailer’s name and contact informationThe amount of payment and any special instructions required.

Pay will be mailed by a mail carrier or direct to the Payees account, or mailed to Military and Nonmilitary Payers who have a Payee, whichever is applicable.

Pay may be paid by cash, check, money order, or credit card by a Payees representative.

The Payee must receive instructions from Payee before making the payment, including instructions on the method to be used.

If the Paye is not available, a representative will contact the Payer to confirm the payment is being made.

If a Paye cannot be reached or the Payor does not respond within 10 business days, a Request for Assistance will be sent to the Mailer.

A Payee may request a representative to call or come by to collect payments.

The representative will send instructions to the payment recipient.

Payees may be contacted by phone or email to determine whether they are available to receive