Flipkard has launched a free platform for people who want to buy tickets for the 2018-19 cricket season.

The portal was launched on Monday, and the company has already raised more than Rs 2.3 lakh for the Indian Premier League.

The platform enables users to enter the price of their choice for the match, and buy tickets on the platform.

“We have created a portal for cricket bridge ticket buying,” Flipkest CEO and cofounder, Kunal Nayar told PTI.

“We have been working with ticket buyers on our platform.

They have been using the platform for the last few months, and they have been buying tickets,” he said.”

They are interested in the cricket match and want to see what they can do for their team, for their club, for the country,” said Nayar.

The website offers details on the match schedule, venues, and gateways, and also provides information about the match and the venue.

“The website has a lot of data and data is free.

This data is then being shared across the entire ecosystem of the platform,” he added.

The site also provides a tool to purchase tickets for all the domestic and international cricket matches that are available on the site.

“If you are looking for tickets for an upcoming match, you can get the ticket details for that match,” said the CEO.

“For example, if you have a match against Pakistan, you would be able to find the ticket price on the website,” he explained.

The ticket pricing is based on the maximum number of seats in a stadium.

For example, a match between India and Australia at the MCG would cost Rs 2,000 tickets for a stadium of 20,000 seats.

“In the same match, if we were to sell the same number of tickets at Rs 6k, the maximum price would be Rs 6.5k,” he observed.

The price of a ticket on Flipkkard is pegged at Rs 2 lakh, which is cheaper than the ticket prices for the current cricket season, and lower than the previous one.

“However, the ticket pricing does not reflect the value of the tickets, which are being sold through the portal,” he pointed out.

“The portal is a very good solution for people.

It is a free tool for the people to buy and sell tickets.

The tickets are not a commodity,” said Rajesh Kumar, chief executive officer, Ticketek.

“People can purchase tickets online, and people can sell tickets on our site.

There are many different platforms that offer this service,” he claimed.